AUSTRALIAN-based transport electrical equipment manufacturer Lucidity Australia has developed a specialised probe for the fuel tanker sector that benefits trailer manufacturers and buyers.

The company has long been manufacturing components for the fuel tanker sector.

For the past 10 years has been manufacturing probe overfill harnesses for the Australian tanker industry in a specialised process where each harness is complex and unique to different tanker configurations, which require a different design every time. 

Its overfill probe electrical system, which is the first of its kind available commercially, is a solution to a complex problem and overcomes the need for different electrical harnesses needed for every configuration.

One problem with the previous system was that once all the material has been prepared for the harness, changes to the tanker specification such as length, compartment size and number of compartments can then lead to expensive rework costs.

Lucidity said that it has developed a modular system that allows flexibility in tanker designs, leading to streamlined production processes and reducing the need for specialised labour and bespoke engineering time.

Rather than use conventional off-the-shelf options, the overfill probe from Lucidity centres on a purpose-built junction box tailored specifically for the tanker industry’s probe overfill application. 

Its probe junction box has a small profile design, external fastening points, and is water and dust resistance up to IP67 standards. Lucidity said that these features ensure compliance with the DG code, providing a reliable and compliant solution for the industry.

Lucidity Australia president, Mathew Jenkins said that the development was significant because it addresses critical industry challenges.

“By providing a reliable, water and dust-resistant solution, we not only enhance the functionality but also ensure compliance, a vital aspect in the transport industry,” he said.

“Lucidity has created the only off-the-shelf components series required to build, repair and maintain the critical wiring system. 

“Each junction box is ordered specific to the probe location with simple point to point cables between each location, with zero chance for assembly error, to prevent over filling.”

He said that the system was designed specifically for the tanker industry and had features including a fully robust and compliant design to the DG code making it easy to service in the field.

“We are extremely proud of our development here supporting the tanker manufacturing industry,” he said.

“This solution delivers on cost, performance and resets the benchmark on industry best practice. 

“Tanker OEMs are no longer walking on a tight rope of compliance from solutions not fully meeting the DG code.”

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